Mental Health Training

Along with having a mental health policy and procedure, mental health awareness and education is key to reducing the stigma associated with mental ill-health and being able to manage it successfully within your business. Providing quality mental health training for managers and employees is an effective way to reduce issues and promote better wellbeing.

Everyone Has Limits

The Health and Safety report published in November 2020, indicated that 69% of line managers in the UK claimed that supporting employee wellbeing was a core skill but only 13% had received any mental health training. 35% of line managers expressed a wish for basic training in mental health conditions.
It’s vitally important that you as an employer know what to do and how to help when people working for you are having mental health difficulties. And it’s equally important that anyone in a position of responsibility does, too.

Mental Health Training

By providing mental health awareness training, you show a commitment to a better work-home life for everyone and an investment in your employees wellbeing to help boost loyalty, commitment and productivity


Organisational Benefits

• Employees develop an understanding of mental health and the effects that it has on people and wider organisations.
• They learn how to recognise and compassionately manage mental health issues in the workplace.
• They become much more aware of how their own reactions and responses affect others.


Management Benefits

• Managers learn how to better organise and delegate tasks to people who might be struggling to cope.
• Managers become better equipped to deal with the legal aspects of working with mental health issues/disability.
• Ultimately, your company can save money by reducing the absence that mental health issues cause.

Course Content

• An overview of the most common mental health disorders—stress, anxiety and depression
• Understanding how to recognise warning signs of mental health issues and how to approach and handle them, including listening and communication skills
• Practical techniques and strategies to help improve and maintain mental wellbeing
• Encourage teams talking openly about mental health issues and how to support each other

Bespoke Courses

We offer bespoke courses to meet your needs covering all aspects of mental health in the workplace so your employees can be prepared for any issues that arise

Other topics may cover, for example:

• Mental health and suicidality in men
• Dealing with grief
• Self-worth and assertiveness

Cheerful coworkers in office during company meeting

Course Structure

All courses offer a safe space where discussion of sensitive issues is encouraged to increase awareness and reduce the stigma of mental ill-health.

Printed materials are presented to all delegates in person, or as a downloadable version for online courses, for reference and to allow them to fully engage during the workshop.

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