Many thanks to those who have provided these testimonials as it allows others to gain a flavour of what therapy sessions with me are like. After all, your relationship with your therapist is a vital component in the success of therapy.


Long Term Therapy

“I began to learn to accept myself and live in the now. I began to challenge deep rooted thoughts that had been set in stone. I would recommend anyone coming to see Angela for their therapy.” Greg


“She puts one at great ease and has amazing insight. I found it very difficult to talk about my problems but Angela doesn’t let you get away with passing the buck. She is kind, resourceful, smart and deep down a good egg.
I’m someone who needs to go away and cogitate on her incredibly wise words. She certainly knows her onions and if you need an ear or some professional counselling, Angela would be top of my wish list.
Some sessions I was in a foul mood after a tough work day and she was always level headed and professional. I couldn’t fault her with her reasoning on my situation; it was uncanny. Deep down she is someone who would make a wonderful friend. May her practice go from strength to strength.” Matthew

“which has put me in a remarkably strong position having come from a place of decades of emotional turmoil without answers as to why I couldn’t control my anxiety and destructive behaviour patterns.
Necessarily so, I regressed to childhood, as I feel everyone must, to find out why the result of others’ actions had had a direct or indirect determination of how I lived the rest of my life. The process was insightful and upsetting but ultimately fulfilling and I would urge others to experience the enlightening process of psychotherapy. It has and will undoubtedly give me continued peace and enable me to live my life with understanding, acceptance and strength.
Thank you Angie. I am so very grateful.” John

“You really did listen and draw out everything that needed to be said. You even ‘challenged’ me when necessary. I wish you the very best in your professional adventure.” Joan

“I genuinely appreciate it and it has made a massive difference to me and those close to me” Dave

“…my life and happiness on a daily basis, I decided to try therapy. I was hopeful that things would change but found it hard to comprehend how talking about things could really change how I was feeling.
However, seeing Angela is one of the best things I could have done, my mindset has really changed in a positive way. I find myself constantly thinking about our discussions and tools Angela has provided and applying it in daily life and when making decisions for my happiness. I can’t thank Angela enough.”Camilla

“I was completely at odds with how to deal with everything. I had been rejected by the NHS and all other services. I felt like there was so much going on that I didn’t know how to get out of it. I strongly felt that my options were closed or at least limited and my long term health as well as psychological problems spiralled out of control to the point that I had almost given up.
The first session that I went to filled me with dread as I knew I would have to start facing up to situations that I considered beyond my capabilities to handle. However, even in the first meeting I begun to open up. Angela created a warm and welcoming space and unlike some counselling services, she came across as human. I have had past experiences in where other counsellors have created a clear patient/therapist relationship, which has resulted in cold responses and even dismissal. The most important aspect for me was; the ability to talk freely without judgement, not have high expectations to improve or have to put up a front.
Angela provided all of this for me and more. The therapy is never about changing who you are, rather it’s about gaining that self-esteem that may have been buried due to the past. She helps lift the weight of the many issues that can be piled on top and offers the space to let me breath and so cope with everything in a manageable way.
In helping to explore who I am or what matters to me, Angela has offered coping mechanisms. Her emphasis is in working out solutions together so that my confidence in my decisions and what I should be looking for in life, has increased dramatically.
I have utilised the methods we have worked on together and applied them to my everyday. I know what it means to have conviction in my own mind and body. I know myself a lot more and I am a lot stronger now than I was on day one in meeting Angela.
I feel that she doesn’t just constitute counselling as a way to pay the bills. I can see that Angela genuinely cares for her patients. She has gone beyond what her job role expects from her and not even thought twice about doing so.” Cat

“….and heavy drinking, which eventually got out of control. Angela was able to work through everything with me and make me conscious of things relating to my situation in a way that I could never have done alone. Now I am moving on with my life with a degree of confidence for the future.
I would not hesitate recommending Angela. I think she is very perceptive and professional.” M

“…that you have given me over the last 18 months. You have made the unbearable, bearable. All your wonderful counselling has helped not only me but my family too.” P

Short Term Therapy

“I have suffered from bulimia for 20 years and thought I would never find a way out. Last year I had some therapy at an eating disorder clinic which was helpful in getting to some of the root causes of my issues but after a relapse, I felt like a failure and couldn’t see a way out.
I arranged some sessions with Angela through a service at work and she helped me see that I had the ability within myself to overcome this awful disease. Through our sessions, I unlocked a lot of issues with anger and control and worked through techniques to help me with many painful events in my life, including the tragic death of my brother. I am now 12 weeks free from bulimia, the longest ever in my life that I have been. And I have the tools now to cope with stress and emotions without turning to the vicious cycle of bulimia. I realise that I don’t need to punish myself anymore and I deserve the good things in my life.
What a wonderful gift you have given me Angela; the gift that I am worthy and deserve to be happy. Thank you.” AMC

“….an incident and was identified as needing more support by my Line Manager. At this point, I was in a bad way, unable to think about anything else other than work, paranoid and unable to enjoy life to the full. I felt like I could not think straight and needed to get out of a dark hole that I was falling deeper into each day.
Angela offered me a safe, comfortable space once per week to talk through my feelings, emotions and fears. This allowed me to have the time, just for me, to think, process and most of all, to find acceptance of the situation I found myself in. Angela often said that the work was done outside of the hour and this is where I would put into practice the advice and strategies that have helped me to take back control of the parts of my life that are most important to me.
Angela would ask questions in the session that made me think about things from a different angle or perspective. She would listen intently to me and always knew where I had left off from the previous week. This made the session feel personable and relaxed. There was never any judgement yet also not too neutral or clinical. I now feel like myself again even though the situation has not changed. I didn’t think that was possible. I also feel that I have coping strategies that I can take through life that will help me to take greater care of my mental health. I cannot thank Angela enough.” M

“I realise that it’s me that can make choices in my life and it’s me that can make me happy. It’s all down to Angela. I never felt judged when in the sessions and she was easy to talk to. I’m feeling more positive. Generally, being able to talk has helped me through everything.” Nikita

“…to six sessions later, I feel like Angela has got me through some of the hardest times by helping me make sense of things and looking at things in a different way. So I thank her for listening and being honest” N

“I have been going through a difficult time with my relationship and mood swings and found that being able to talk to someone independent has helped enormously. I have found my 8 sessions of therapy to be very useful” JJ

“…’s about exploring yourself and understanding about how you tick. It’s possible to work it out for yourself but it’s very difficult and not something that I could do. You’ve got to be prepared to enter therapy with an open mind, be completely honest or risk still hiding part of the problem. Angela was very approachable from day one. If it wasn’t for these sessions, I can only imagine that I’d be on the worse trajectory still.” Stephen

“….for help due to the stigma associated with it. I wish more men would speak up as it’s probably the best thing I have ever done in terms of personal development” Mark


” …who come into your life and leave a lasting impression. Her name is Angela Holt. If you’re ever in doubt of yourself, lack confidence, have low self esteem and need to open yourself without any judgement, then she’s the special person you can do this with.
Angela and I went on a special journey together and she helped me to believe in myself again and find my self worth. Angela has a love of butterflies and to me she is just like one, amazing and beautiful. \Angela gives you the confidence to delve into your soul and make the necessary changes to change your life for the better. Thank you Angela. What a fabulous journey we’ve been on together. I’ll never forget it” Catherine

“….she has an excellent manner and ability to listen during our sessions, prompting where necessary to focus discussions on important points and issues but also allowing the space for me to explain my feelings, to get things off my chest and to reflect on our conversations. She provided helpful exercises to bring to the discussions, was flexible with availability, communicative and the spaces where the sessions were held were welcoming and comfortable. I would highly recommend her as a counselling practitioner” B

“….both personally and professionally, I hit a point where I finally decided to seek help for the first time in my life. I was initially very anxious heading into the first session but right from the start, Angela made me feel comfortable to share by allowing me to open up at my own pace. She listened to what I had to say whilst challenging me to really understand why I was feeling the way I did and offering methods and tools to cope with these feelings.
I spent 6 sessions with Angela but it felt like much more. I made huge strides in her company and I will forever be grateful to her for helping me out of one of the darker points in my life. Her warm approach comes from a genuine care for her patients and it’s obvious to see that this more than just a job to her. Thanks Angela!” Pete

“….I was referred to her because I was suffering mild depression. She helped me identify two key factors in my depression.
After three sessions I was able to see that Angela with her approach and understanding was helping me gain back confidence. Angela has sensitively helped me understand my feelings and given me a few key points to helping me understand how to help myself.
I have learned about process and how to recognise what is going on. What I feel? Why am I feeling like this? What do I want?
I feel that I have a tool kit that will take me through tough times and many thanks to Angela.” Carmel

She allowed me space to talk and unpack what was making me unhappy. It was so beneficial to be able to speak in front of a kind stranger who didn’t judge me. She helped me with exercises that allowed me see my life from a different perspective. We spoke on the first session about what I hoped to achieve and throughout the sessions, I was able to work out what I could do to enjoy life again. I would thoroughly recommend Angela as a counsellor, I understand myself a lot better and am more equipped to deal with stress.” Claire



“…for making me feel so comfortable in our sessions.You have give me the confidence and security to explore things about myself that I have previously been too scared to acknowledge. This has been life changing for me and is something I am very grateful for. Thank you.” Emily

“I finally got professional help. I’d had counselling before but it was short fix and hasn’t really helped so I was a bit apprehensive about having it again. I have been proved wrong. Angela has been brilliant from start to finish. Explained everything in a very easy to understand way. Has given me strategies to cope with various situations and lots of helpful advice. I couldn’t recommend Angela enough. She won’t let you get away with anything and you can’t rush through things. She wants you to explain every thought and feeling you’re having then explains what it is and how to combat it, because of her I now understand what depression is and I have strategies for life. It feels amazing to actually smile and look forward to life and the future.” Paul


“….where we feel we can move forward and confident we can make our marriage work thanks to your guidance and counselling. We have benefitted tremendously and have really opened up to our feelings about each other through your mediation.
We are at a point where we feel our marriage is strong enough and would like to thank you for your help in achieving this goal.”

“….after we had grown apart and stopped communicating in any meaningful way. At the point of our first session we were questioning our future together. We are in a much better place now and excited about moving forward as a team again.
Angela was so easy to talk to and has encouraged us to open up to each other. I have no hesitation in recommending her to other couples who are having a tough time.” K & K

“….in communicating with each other after the birth of our second baby. We were really struggling to find compromise in our relationship and speak frankly about how we were feeling.
Angela created an atmosphere which was open, supportive and relaxing and she helped us explore and work through our issues. Most of all Angela helped us to remember to love each other for who we are. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Angela to any couple struggling in their relationship.” E & C