Employee Counselling

There are times where everyone experiences the pressures of life, but there are some situations that can leave employees feeling so overwhelmed and stressed, that it impacts on their ability to perform their job.

Everyone Has Limits

We aim to  work in partnership with you to provide an intervention that supports your employees, meets your responsibilities and frees up valuable management time and resources. 
We also aim to give individuals the best help possible to get them back on track to mental wellbeing

Counselling Access

Employees can access Counselling via
• Referral by an employee’s Manager, Human Resources or Occupational Health. Often, no record is made in the individual’s personnel file unless there is a need for formal action.

• Self-referral where the employee contacts us independently and only a dedicated person (usually HR) knows about it for EAP monitoring purposes. No record of this type of referral appears in the individual’s personnel file.

Initial Assessment

Following a referral or self-referral, we hold an initial assessment where we actively assess and manage risk issues using standardised clinical assessment questionnaires, offering immediate support and referring or signposting clients to their GP, alternative NHS resources or support services where needed. If appropriate, your employee will be referred to a qualified, experienced counsellor.


Counselling Sessions

Counselling sessions will be held face-to-face, online or via the telephone, dependent on your employees preference and availability. As our counsellors use a short-term, solution focused approach, counselling is expected to last generally for 6 sessions, although occasionally, this may be fewer or greater in number depending on the issue. All sessions will offer your employee a safe and secure space to enable them to talk openly about their concerns.


To be effective, counselling needs to be confidential. What is discussed during the sessions will not be reported or disclosed to you, as employer, in either referral type. However, any emerging themes, trends and risks will be highlighted appropriately which you can then use in wellbeing campaigns and training initiatives.
As work stress and personal issues are inter-related in their effect on capacity to cope, counselling is available for matters relating to both areas of life, including couples counselling if required.


Employees are able to access timely and effective interventions to help them cope with difficulties that can affect their performance both in work and life in general. You not only meet your responsibilities but engender an environment where your employees feel valued and supported to help them get back on track.

Why Choose Us


Professionally qualified and highly experienced Therapist


Track record of successful outcomes and recommendations


we only offer the services we are experienced in


local services in Greater Manchester and Cheshire with 24/7 answering service.

Cost effective

You only pay for the services used.

Our Services

Mental Health Assessments

Formal assessments to support policies and procedures.

Employee Counselling

Face-to-face, online or telephone sessions.

Mental Health Training

General or bespoke webinars and in-house courses.

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External information for additional support.

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